Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tips to Maintaining Your Child(ren's) Hair

In today's time there are always new trends and different styles amongst children. Lately one of the most popular styles is to have the "natural " look. Sometimes we often find it more convenient to use a relaxer on our girls, because this way we have less work to do when it comes to caring for and maintaining our children's hair. However, keeping your child's hair natural will help them embrace their natural texture and they won't have to deal with the harsh chemicals in relaxers that are detrimental to their hair. Regardless of the texture or race, if  hair is taken care of properly it grows at a rate of nearly a half inch per month.

I would like to know any questions, concerns, or anything that you may want to know about maintaining your child's hair.

I am going to start by sharing with you the steps that I follow to maintain Rayna's hair.

1. Wash and condition at least once a week, this adds moisture back into the strands of her hair while keeping the scalp clean.

2. Seal moisture into hair, by massaging an all natural oil. (my favorite is Olive Oil)

3. Part and section the hair into several sections, comb hair carefully; never pull it from the roots, I start at the tips and work my way up to the top (using a large toothed comb).

4. Once the section is detangled I twist it into a two strand twist for drying.

5. Once the head is completely detangled and in twists for hair drying. I then create her a low manipulation or protective style..braids or twists.

When selecting your products be sure to avoid products with mineral oil or petroleum jelly, they tend to clog the pores. I hope that this blog will be a great help to get you started and on your way to creating a head full of naturally healthy hair for your child(ren).

-Rayna's Mom

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Inspiration!

I was inspired to create my blog on natural children's hair, by my daughter Rayna. After having My daughter Rayna I gained a passion for creating cute and fun hair styles to fit her loving and bubbly personality. It was also a big convenience to know how to maintain her hair on my own and to be able to create styles that would help make our lives easier. I began to research and come up with some wonderful ideas, upon doing so people would often ask me for help or infomation. I sometimes even maintain their child's hair. After realizing how many parents were actually clueless or didn't have time to research. I decided to start a blog to help some parents who are in need of some information and style ideas.