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Colors, Bedazzle, Big Bows, Ribbons, headbands...are all the things that come to my mind when I think about accessorizing Rayna's hair. She loves to pick out her hair accessories for the day. They are always fun and make any outfit pop. Her hair accessories also come in handy on the mornings when we're running late and we just find something quick to throw on a simple hair do. When using accessories we also have to be aware of the fact that we have to be careful that we use the correct type of accessories;ones that won't damage the hair such as rubberbands and many other types that can be harmful.  I feel that accessorizing is a way for your daughter to express herself and have fun while doing so. It doesn't just have to be based on a hair style or a fashionable outfit. It can be a variety of things such as the cute funny socks, costume jewelry, or a cute purse. We have a variety of favorites...if you haven't already give it a try.  ~ Rayna's Mom