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Annual Father-Daughter Dance

Sometimes we don't realize how important it is for fathers to have a relationship with their daughters, when they do it has a great impact on their daughter's life. To our little girls there is nothing more fun than dressing up in their beautiful dresses, cute hair styles, and to top it off those cute little smiles.
That describes the beginning of an enchanted evening that little girls and their fathers wait on all year long, the annual Father-Daughter Dance. It's an evening with music, great food, tons of fun, and a lot of smiling faces.
My daughter has attended this event for the past two years now with her father and she enjoys it. She always rush home to tell me how much fun she had; dancing all night, great food, and how she saw so many of her friends. It's always a night that she will forever remember, most importantly it was a night she shared with her father.
The time that little girls spend with their father is so important, he should be her first love, and her role model of what a man should be like. The time that daughters spend with their fathers are priceless and they will carry those special moments with them forever.

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