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Naturally Rayna starts Kindergarten

Oh the excitement of starting kindergarten!!! Naturally Rayna had so many different things on her mind as she was excited and very curious about what kindergarten would be like. Instead of calling it Kindergarten she calls it 'Big Girl School', she knew that this would be a dramatic change for her so she decided that she wanted to try something different and a new hair style would be just the thing. Nevertheless, as a mother I agreed and we decided to go with the Design Essentials' STS system, this way it would be a new look and she would still be natural.
The Design Essentials STS system which is a Strengthening Therapy System, which is designed to amino-acid infused, Thermal Reconditioning System that goes beyond strength to fortify, stretch and smooth frizzy, naturally curly, transitioning and processed hair without harsh or permanent chemicals.
It straightens the hair and makes the hair more manageable and it lasts for up to 12 washes. Stay tuned, we are going to see…