Monday, June 9, 2014

Mommy and Me

In today's world,  society sets soo many examples of what our younger generation should look and act like. This leaves our children to face many different things. Having a variety of attitudes, style, and their overall physical appearance. One that I find to be very common is how little girls feelings about what their hair look like. Being a mother and a hair stylist for children. I see the difference in a child with their hair done versus a child that doesn't normally have anyone that maintains their hair properly. It pulls their self esteem down and they have problems with the other children, because they don't look a certain type of way. On the other hand the joy I see on little girls faces when their hair is freshly done, when they go look into that mirror...their reactions are priceless.  They become excited and full of confidence, it truly brings joy to my heart.
As for me, my struggle is my daughter was determined to have straight hair. She wasn't liking the curls...why? Well my mommy's hair is straight and my little caucasian friend in my class has straight hair. I had to explain to her the difference in the different cultures and most importantly why mommy' hair didn't look like hers. For me it was an reality check.  Why should I want my daughter to look different than myself? Was I not making the right choice perming my hair? We have to realize that our children look upto us. Yes...the old folks would tell their children don't do as I do, but do as I say. That's fine, but for me I feel as though the image I present of myself to my daughter shouldn't be far from what I expect of her. Therefore, I have made up my mind to transition to natural, so that my daughter can look at me and say...It's Mommy and Me.