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The Struggles of a Transitioning Mom

As a mother we are always busy doing something; rather it's working, possibly school, work, house chores, caring for our children, and the list goes on. In the midst of doing all of these things it can sometimes be difficult for us to take time out for ourselves to do what we need to do just for us.
      Nevertheless, these past two and a half years of transitioning to natural has been very difficult for me. For starters I was natural up until my senior year in high school which was back in 2002. I decided to get a perm that year and I can honestly say that I regret it. Before having children I would visit the hair salon every two weeks for a new hair style which meant I had no maintaining to do.
      However, after having my first daughter, doing research, and learning how to maintain natural hair I became fascinated. I began thinking about how I was preaching to her about leaving her hair in its natural state and learning to love it, but then one day she said "Mommy…


In the natural hair world a very popular term that I am sure you’ve heard frequently is co-washing. Co-washing is the process of cleaning your hair with conditioner. Co-washing is recommended for natural curly, coarse, or thick hair types. Some agree with this process and some don’t, because like anything else, it has it’s pros and cons.  I am not against it at all and think that it is a great process especially during the winter months. During the winter months you will find that the hair has less build up from things such sweat and the natural oils.       There are many pros to co-washing hair, it leaves the hair soft and manageable and it is an awesome conditioning system. Co-washing is also great for moisture retention and by co-washing there should be less breakage and tangling. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about stripping the hair of moisture which is sometimes an outcome when choosing to shampoo the hair. After going over the pros it makes you think that if co-washing, so…

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is fastly approaching, however even though here in Florida it seems as if the weather is confused and not quite sure what it wants to do, we are still approaching the days that are leading up to the season of Winter. Therefore, it is important that you maintain your child’s hair correctly, so that it can remain healthy. During the winter months it is a little easier to keep the hair clean, because children don’t sweat as much due to lesser outdoor activities, so the hair doesn’t have as much dirt build up. Nevertheless, if  we don’t maintain our children’s hair in the winter; the cold can definitely cause some damage. Following my simple steps listed below can prevent any damage to your little ones hair.
-Less Frequent Washing -Be careful with the materials that you use to cover their heads (beanies, skull caps, hoodies, and scarves) NO COTTON, because it removes moisture which cause breakage; SILK are the best. -More DEEP CONDITIONING this coats the hair strands and fills in…

War Room (Childrens Movie Review)

For weeks now the very popular movie "War Room" has been playing all over the world. In Tallahassee some churches got together and made a spectacular decision to invite their congregations out to the movie theatre to fellowship and see the powerful movie together.     A few Sundays ago I was invited to attend and accepted the invite. Naturally Rayna decided that she would like to attend also. For the first time ever I saw my daughter watch a movie like never before. It kept her attention, gave her great laughs, and she understood the purpose of it. After the movie she told me how much she enjoyed it and some of the things she enjoyed.      To me the movie was very inspirational and encouraging. It is a movie that I could go see over again, but what's most important is I learned a very powerful message from it. If you listen well and pay attention you won't leave out of that movie the same and if you don't get anything from it the first time you clearly should…

4th Annual Capital City Natural Hair Expo

Naturally Rayna had the opportunity to participate in the 4th Annual Capital City Natural Hair Pageant in Tallahassee, Florida. She enjoyed the experience and had a blast. The pageant was during the natural hair expo, where there were tons of vendors and different people who all share an interest in natural hair and natural products. It was held by Mandisa Ngozi Braiding with is a local natural hair salon.
Naturally Rayna recited her poem "I Love My Hair" and did a group dance to the song "Afrolicious". It was an awesome experience for her being that she is so passionate about maintaining her natural hair. Most importantly she wants to help build the self esteem of little girls all over the world and inspire them to be themselves and to let them know that it is okay to be different and not follow behind others. Naturally Rayna believes that it is important for girls to be the person that God has created them to be and have fun while doing so. 
#naturalkidsrock #natur…

Transitioning Mom

As a mother there is nothing that bothers me more than to hear a mother call her daughter "nappy head" or criticize their kinky hair, mothers don't realize by doing that they are placing a label on their child's hair that could possibly live with them for years to come. We must teach our girls to love and embrace their hair. April 2014 I decided that, I was growing out my relaxer and going back to my natural state for many reasons. However, my main reason is because I have to be an example to my daughters; I don't want them to feel as if curly hair isn't okay, because mommy does things to keep hers straight. I love my hair, even though at times it is very time consuming, my crown is beautiful.
Nevertheless, I don't want them to feel as though their hair or appearance defines the person that they are. I am blessed to have had parents, especially a father that instilled in me that I was beautiful and could be anything I want. It is important that we teach ou…

Product Review: Natural Kids Rock Too

Natural Kids Rock Too was an great experience using it on Rayna’s 4a type hair and it was great. I ordered the products offline directly from them at The products came neatly packaged and had very professional look. The products also smelled great and was labeled so that I would know what order to use them in. The products are affordable and once Rayna’s hair was completed, it left her hair very moisturizer, soft, and it had an amazing shine that you can even see in this picture. Fours days later her hair is still full of moisture and shine which is great for the hair. Orders yours today and let me know what you think. -Rayna’sMom