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Transitioning Mom

As a mother there is nothing that bothers me more than to hear a mother call her daughter "nappy head" or criticize their kinky hair, mothers don't realize by doing that they are placing a label on their child's hair that could possibly live with them for years to come. We must teach our girls to love and embrace their hair. April 2014 I decided that, I was growing out my relaxer and going back to my natural state for many reasons. However, my main reason is because I have to be an example to my daughters; I don't want them to feel as if curly hair isn't okay, because mommy does things to keep hers straight. I love my hair, even though at times it is very time consuming, my crown is beautiful.
Nevertheless, I don't want them to feel as though their hair or appearance defines the person that they are. I am blessed to have had parents, especially a father that instilled in me that I was beautiful and could be anything I want. It is important that we teach ou…