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As a mother there is nothing that bothers me more than to hear a mother call her daughter "nappy head" or criticize their kinky hair, mothers don't realize by doing that they are placing a label on their child's hair that could possibly live with them for years to come. We must teach our girls to love and embrace their hair. April 2014 I decided that, I was growing out my relaxer and going back to my natural state for many reasons. However, my main reason is because I have to be an example to my daughters; I don't want them to feel as if curly hair isn't okay, because mommy does things to keep hers straight. I love my hair, even though at times it is very time consuming, my crown is beautiful.

Nevertheless, I don't want them to feel as though their hair or appearance defines the person that they are. I am blessed to have had parents, especially a father that instilled in me that I was beautiful and could be anything I want. It is important that we teach our children the right way, so they won't easily get caught up in statistics. As African Americans we need to learn our own standards of beauty and love our kinks, curls, and coils. 
Our daughters should always be taught that they are beautiful and they should walk tall and love the person that God created them to be. The hair they call "Nappy" is their princesses crown I want my daughters to love their hair.
"Beauty and Style are not my priority when parenting"-Viola Davis

Rayna's Mom

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