Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Struggles of a Transitioning Mom

      As a mother we are always busy doing something; rather it's working, possibly school, work, house chores, caring for our children, and the list goes on. In the midst of doing all of these things it can sometimes be difficult for us to take time out for ourselves to do what we need to do just for us.
      Nevertheless, these past two and a half years of transitioning to natural has been very difficult for me. For starters I was natural up until my senior year in high school which was back in 2002. I decided to get a perm that year and I can honestly say that I regret it. Before having children I would visit the hair salon every two weeks for a new hair style which meant I had no maintaining to do.
      However, after having my first daughter, doing research, and learning how to maintain natural hair I became fascinated. I began thinking about how I was preaching to her about leaving her hair in its natural state and learning to love it, but then one day she said "Mommy...why is your hair straight and not curly?" This gave me something to think about, so I decided to take the journey of transitioning.
     I think for me the most difficult things have been finding things to do with my hair while it was in it's transitioning stage. Yes, there were numerous of tutorials on YouTube and everywhere I turned, but I didn't have the time or patience to even began dealing with it nor the time for the salon. In a result to this I began to think of protective styles to wear. I wore twists, braids, sew-ins, crochets, and plaits. Transitioning is not an easy process. You must be determined to go natural. I definitely wouldn't say that it's been easy breezing for me , because it's not.
     Now that my hair is all grown out with the exception of a few inches, I have decided to cut off the remaining perm ends and play with some natural styles, so stay tuned.