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Maintaining Your Daughter's Natural Hair...While Being A Working Mom

There are many challenges that we have to face when we are working mothers. Sometimes I know it may seem very overwhelming, but you are not alone. Mothers face challenges of making sure everyone gets ready and out the house on time, preparing dinner, helping the kids with their homework, bath time and so much more. I am sure a lot of mothers feel that there is no way in the world they can maintain their daughter’s natural hair, run a household, and work a full-time job everyday. Maintaining natural hair is very time consuming and sometimes mom might just not be in the mood to get it done.
Nevertheless, if you follow my simple steps to maintaining your daughter’s hair, it will be so much easier and make things less stressful. The main tips a mother must remember is to maintain products and accessories, plan ahead and stay organized, and Create Styles that will Last. Being a single full time working mother of two; one being in her terrible two stages, I can assure you if you follow my advice things will be a lot easier..

Maintain Products and Accessories
Find products that work for you and your daughter. It may take trying a variety of products to find the ones that work for you. I have a variety of different products that I enjoy and I like to switch it up sometimes. As far as accessories go you can take the most simple hairstyles and add an accessory to jazz it up. To help cut back time during the busiest times find that one product that does it all and use it on the days when you don’t have time to do the whole process; a leave in conditioner is usually our favorite or a moisturizing creme.

Plan Ahead and Stay Organized
Once you have all of your products purchased and you have decided on the ones that you like the most. The next step is to find a nice organizer to place all of your hair products and accessories in. This makes life so much easier. This way you can have your one go to place to find everything that you need to get the job done. Next you will have to create a plan that works for you and stick to it. Knowing exactly what you want to do and the order that you will do it in makes things flow.

Create Styles that will Last
I am sure all of us have styles that we adore so much, but it takes hours to do them; and who has that kind of time during the week. Therefore, it is always important to look for styles that will last for at least a week or for styles that are quick and simple. You can always do things to change up the styles by adding hair bows, headbands, ribbons, scarfs, or whatever accessories that you decide to use. Be sure to make sure that the hair stays moisturized, so be sure to put that on your schedule.

Though it may seem like a lot maintaining your little natural’s hair is extremely important to them and as mothers we always want our little girls to look nice and be presentable. As mothers when we get our hair done and get all dolled up, so should our daughters.

If you have any further questions or concerns, always feel free to send me an e-mail at

Thanks for reading!

-Rayna’s Mom

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