Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nightly Routine

     Keeping natural hair healthy takes some work, but however it is extremely important. Therefore, I have some simple steps to follow to insure that your little natural will not only get some good sleep, but also wake up to healthier undamaged hair.
     In order for your little one to get a good night's rest you have to be sure that you have removed all hair barrettes and hair ties. Hair accessories can often be bulky and hard which can cause a discomfort to your little one's head. This is also one way to prevent breakage and other types of damage during the night.
     I have found the method of moisturizing to be a great daily process to help your little one’s hair. Moisture is a guarantee that the hair will remain healthy. Moisturizing the hair should be done as often as possible to prevent the hair from being dry and I find it easier to moisturize at night. Moisturizing at night gives the hair time to absorb the products. In order to moisturize I use a homemade mist, you can use any method of moisturizing you  wish or contact me for my mixture ingredients.
     Once the hair is moisturized you want to make sure that it stays that way while your little one sleeps. The best way to do this is by first protecting the hair with a satin pillowcase and a satin bonnet. The pillowcase is backup for those that don’t keep their bonnets on throughout the night.
    Once the hair is detangled, you should place it in a protective style in order to prevent the hair from tangling, always place the hair in twist or large plaits. I often times create braid or twist styles for my little natural, but I still maintain them in the same manner.
    If you follow my easy maintenance steps for your little natural you will start to see a major difference and notice healthier hair.