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Being a parent is a blessing from God. At some point in life parents have to stop and think about the future; not only theirs, but the future of their children. All children should be encouraged to follow their dreams and strive to be everything they desire. The means for them to do so starts at home with parenting. “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Parents should think about the person they are today, because of the life experiences that they have had to encounter or from how they were raised. What or who inspired them? There are so many things that children today should know about life and growing up. Things of the past that parents experienced growing up, but as generations past they have seemed to let history die. In this world today things aren't the same. They have to learn to talk to their children and prepare them for life and what it has to offer.

Parenting is a very important role in life; when they have a child(ren) consider it a blessing. Therefore, they should be sure to do all things in their power to care for their child(ren) and make sure that they are well taken care of. Most importantly live by example, so that they can see what life should be like. As parents they have to keep in mind that they are looking up to them and it is extremely important that they do their very best.

Nevertheless, to little girls there is nothing like their Daddy, rather they are doing all of the things they should be or not.  When a father is actively present in their daughter's life regardless of what anyone says, she will always be a “Daddy’s Girl”. Therefore, a fathers should always be their daughter’s first love and not her first disappointment or heartbreak. Fathers are supposed to be the man in their daughter's life, because more than anyone else they are the ones that set the course for her life. He’ll be the one that she will look upto as an example.  When fathers tell their daughters that they’re beautiful, smart, intelligent, gorgeous, a princess, no one will be able to tell them otherwise; it builds their self esteem. Though the average person would say; “ That’s the mom’s job to teach her how to be a lady and to help her with all of the things that ladies have to go through. That’s not always true. Father’s need to make themselves available to their daughters. Be the one that she can talk to when she has questions, the one she cries to when things get difficult, the one she can call on when she just needs a good laugh, or for whatever it is that they may need.

Sons need their fathers just as much, because no one can teach them how to be a man  like they can. The things they do; more than likely their sons will too. The things they teach him, he may not understand as a boy, but as a man he will remember and understand. Fathers should spend quality time with their sons doing things that will help them build skills in order to be a man and to one day be able to provide and have a family of their own. Life skills other than sports, hanging out and/or partying. These young men growing up today won’t even know how to change a tire; if someone doesn’t show them. They have to be led, you can’t just expect them to figure it out. By just sitting around what does that teach them? It teaches absolutely nothing. Teach your son skills that will carry him through life and make sure that he stays active and involved. Some of the things that little boys are taught as much now is how to stand up straight, groom himself properly, how to be respectful, and go hard with their school work. Wanting the best for your child, so that they can one day hold a position in this world that will be beneficial and one day make a difference.

Hygiene and appearance are both very important; you see one day they may have to walk into someone's job in search of employment. We all know that first appearance is everything and we want them to know that they should always be presentable.  Fathers also, have to teach their sons how to treat women and when doing so...they have to keep in mind how they would want another man to treat their daughter, mother, or even sister. How they talk to women and the respect. When a man is a gentleman it takes him a long way, not just with the ladies, but in life. No woman or young lady wants to deal with a man who is sorry, lazy, or disrespectful.

Our new generation is different; they are finding out that a lot of our children are involving themselves in violence mainly gun violence. None of it is acceptable, but back in the day when the older generations were growing up there were issues, but they fought it out and was done with it. Now the young generation of teens wants to pull guns and kill; which is sad. Where are the parents? What does this prove? Do they realize that they will one day get caught and throw their entire life away as well, because they will have to sit in prison. Guns are not the answer and this is something that needs to be taught to children at an early age. Teach them how to avoid the drama and to be responsible; to be a leader and not a follower.
Fathers should be the leader of the family. Therefore, they should be willing to work hard and be dedicated to their family. Be the one that the family depends on for security and guidance. By all means the mothers don’t get any slack when it comes to parenting. Many times though that is the normal for mothers to be dive straight into parenting, they must work hard as well  though and do a lot of these things and more. Mothers have to remember to stop shutting out the fathers that want to be involved and giving them a hard time. If a father is trying and willing; let them and stop being bitter about the past just. When it comes to the children they have to move on. As an adults it’s better your makes it easier on the child and parents when they can just co-parent.

No one ever said that parenting is easy. It is a job and parents learn something new everyday. They have to be open about it and not expect to know everything. Keep in mind that it is a blessing to be a parent, so do it with care and love.

-Rayna's Mom

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